Friday, October 19, 2012

Firewater Friday - Mixin' Crispin

This time of year there's nothing quite like sluggin' back a yummy cider; especially a good hard cider.   

So, when hubby and I were out the other night at our favorite pub for our weekly date night and I saw their special board I was excited to see Crispin Hard Cider.  

All by itself Crispin is good . . . we had their original (5% ABV).  It's definitely crisp tasting, a little dry, a little sweet.  Yum.  

But we decided to take it to a whole other level . . . add a shot of something to it.

I thought a caramel liquor would be good but they didn't have it behind the bar.  So, we opted to try the cider with Buttershots butterscotch liquor instead.   

I poured the shot into a pint glass and then poured the cider over top.

Oh my!  Delicious.  The butterscotch flavor didn't overwhelm the apple but added a rich and creamy taste that was oh so good!

And then, in a burst of sudden inspiration, I decided to try one with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky!  Great balls of fire!  It was like drinking apple pie (without the crust)!!  Yes!  This concoction is a keeper!  Lip smacking awesomeness!

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