Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Campy Camping - Episode two

This was vacation right?  Albeit a short one but a vacation nonetheless.

One of the very few things I wanted to accomplish on my vacation was to read . . . a lot.

So, I left my hubby screaming and hollering and debating about politics with our fellow campmates.  I took my chair and book . . . er Kindle . . . and sequestered myself down by the river to do just that . . . read.

It was very peaceful . . . the river flowing lazily by, the birds chirping, the frogs peeping, the falling leaves . . . lovely.

Alas, all good things bust come to an abrupt and brutal end. 

I had been enjoying my solitude for maybe 30 minutes when from behind me I hear, “Honey? We have some work to do.”

Unfortunately, I was the “honey” in question.

It had rained all night long and apparently the floor to our tent wasn’t as watertight as it should have been.

Basically, a small lake had formed under our tent on top of the ground cloth we had laid down.

And that lake was seeping through the seams in the tent floor creating a subsequent pond under our air mattress.

Everything had to come out of the tent.  Thankfully, the vinyl underside of the mattress protected our sleeping bag from complete soppiness but everything was damp and had to be air out. 

Good thing the sun was shining and the day was warm.

Hubby soaked up the water with our dishwashing sponge, dried the floor with a  towel and applied Gorilla Tape to the seams to prevent further water infiltration.

If you’ve never heard of or used Gorilla Tape, it’s amazing stuff.  Sticks to just about anything and sticks good! 

Anyhoo . . . the inside issues addressed, he moved on to the lake under the tent.  He shoved a towel underneath and wrang it out over and over again to remove as much water as possible . . . he got most of it. 

Then he shoved a milk crate under the tent / on top of the tarp to get some air circulation to finish drying.

Then we had margaritas and tequila.

By bedtime everything was dry and all was well.

Ah . . . the adventures of camping.

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