Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Am I insane?

My husband thinks I might be insane.  And, as disinclined as I am to agree with him, there may be some truth to it.  Either that or he's totally screwing with me to try to actually make me go crazy.

I admit that sometimes I'm forgetful.  Sometimes things 'disappear' only to be found days or weeks or months later in totally random places.  But I'm also always busy, often stressed and . . . well, you know . . . got way too much stuff to do in too little time.

Anyhoo . . . something happened the other day that I have no absolutely recollection of . . . 

We are getting stuff together for our annual camping trip and I had to do some shopping for food and supplies.  I had a list and hubby was offering suggestions of things to look for that we might need.

So, I said to him, "you know you could come with me."  And then on further reflection I thought better of it.  "On second thought you better not because you will probably either just irritate the sh!t out of me or I'll end up killing you . . . or both."

His reply, "my thoughts exactly . . . especially the second one."

Off I went on my merry way, all alone and happier for it.  

The first stop was to BJ's.  While the incessantly screaming child across the aisle nearly made me scream myself, it was a successful shopping adventure and they had everything I needed.

Did I mention how much I dispise shopping?

Anyway . . . the next stop was to Walmart . . . on a Saturday.  I must be crazy.  I figure if I just put my head down and trudge through it will be okay.  I headed over to the sporting goods section to check out what they had in camping gear.  Along the way there was a mother with two young children and a baby.  The baby was having a hissy fit and the two kids were honking bicycle horns . . . waah waah waah honka honka honka.  The mom was just strolling along doing her shopping with utter disregard to the chaos her children were wreaking.   

Head down . . . push through . . . 

There wasn't a whole lot of camping gear to be had this late in the season  but I gave hubby a ring to see if there was anything he thought we might need.  He told me to grab one or two things.  I finished my shopping, stood in line for an hour and then headed off to an uneventful stop at the grocery store.

I got home and hubby asked me if I picked up the lantern igniter.  

Me, "The what?"

Him, "The lantern spark igniter?"

Me, "What are you talking about??  I've never even heard of such thing."

Him, "We talked about it on the phone and I told you to pick it up."

Me, blank look.

He pulled up a picture from the internet and showed it to me.

Me, "I never saw such a thing, I never talked to you about one and I certainly didn't buy one."

Him, "You're insane.  We had a whole big conversation and I told you to buy it and you said you were going to."

Me, "Whatever.  I have no idea what your talking about."

Then I mentioned that I bought a pump repair kit . . . he freaked out . . . because we already had one and that's NOT what he told me to get. This went on and on and on until I couldn't take it anymore and told him to forget it.  

Later that day I'm unpacking my Walmart purchases and guess what I found in the bag.  Uhm . . . the lantern spark igniter thing-a-ma-jigger.  Yeeeeaaaahhhh . . .  

So I was like . . . "Hunny? Guess what I found." And I showed him.

He was like . . . "You're insane."

Really, I might be because I have zero recollection of seeing the thing, talking about the thing, or buying the thing.  Cuckoo . . . Cuckoo . . . one flew over the nest and all that stuff.

Or maybe he slipped out of the house with me unaware and went to Walmart and bought the ignitee doo-hickey and stuck it in the bag for me to find so I would think I'm going crazy.

Hmmmmmmmm . . .


  1. Insanity runs in the family - skipping the first born child, of course.

  2. you probably just had an outer body experience because of all the yelling kids around you:) (Why do people go shopping with all their kids - is this a past time activity? I had a similar shopping horror show yesterday...)