Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Hero

My husband is awfully sweet and generally very considerate . . . sometimes he gets distracted, though.  He always holds a door open for me, makes sure to open the car door when I’m getting in and tells me how much he loves me at the end of every telephone conversation.  But never more so than the other day when he ran out of the house to rescue me the other day half naked . . . thank goodness he had the sense to put on a pair of pants . . . when I called him crying because I dislocated my ankle.

Because he is so thoughtful, I have to be careful in some otherwise innocuous daily happenstances.

For example, I had to move some computer equipment from one office building to another.  I recruited the help of one of the company’s maintenance men and a company van.  It’s uncommon for me to ride in a car vehicle with anyone other than my sweet, adorable hubby.  So, because of this, I actually paused for a second, expecting the maintenance to hold open the van door for me.  That was SO not happening and would have been pretty embarrassing if he had.

Even more awkward would be if I ended a telephone conversation with a collegue at work with “I love you”.  Don’t laugh, I’ve had to stop myself because MOST of my conversations DO end that way . . . I rarely talk on the phone and when I do it’s USUALLY with my hunny bunny.

Would anyone else come running to my aid if I sprained my ankle . . . surely they would.  But I doubt that they would display the same intensity of emotion that my husband did the other day when he came to save me.

He’s my hero!

On a side note . . . I wonder if I can get him to wear this?  

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