Saturday, August 4, 2012

How my garden grows . . . grrr

I'd like to say that everything in the garden is wonderful and all that.  But I can’t control Mother Nature and apparently I've done something to offend her.  

I’ve known that they’re getting in . . . specifically Mr. Bun . . . and we’ve patched up, stopped up and repaired every hole under the fence we could find.  But, he’s still finding his way in.

What I don’t understand is why he has to force his way through our fence when there is such easy fodder one row over.  I just don’t get it.

I’ve gotten very few peas because of this critter.  What we managed to harvest were really sweet.  Apparently, he thought so too because he ate most of them. 

Now he’s after my tomatoes.

I’ve had green tomatoes on all of my plants for weeks and weeks.  I’ve been waiting patiently for them to start to ripen.  A couple weeks ago two of them turned a lovely shade of red but when I went to pick them there was a bite in them . . . both of them . . . one stinkin’ bite.  He can’t eat the whole thing?  He’s got to ruin them all?

So, I’ve had my eye on a few more that were just about ripe.  But, again, when I went to pick them  . . . chomp chomp chomp.  Unbelievable!

But possibly worse than that is that he’s going after my heirloom tomatoes . . . with a vengeance.  He’s not even waiting for them to turn!  The little bugger is eating them when their still green!  And these he must like especially well because he’s eating half of them instead of just a taste. 

And it’s bad enough that Mr. Bun is using my tomato plants as his personal salad bar but some of them have rot around the stem . . . mostly the Better Boys.  Which makes them useless to me.

The partially eaten tomatoes that are left behind are rotting in the heat and humidity.  So the garden smells like rotten fruit and there are fruit flies all over the place.  It's gross.

I was counting on this tomato crop to can and preserve.  Between the rabbit and whatever else is going on, I think I’ll be lucky if a get half a dozen quarts the way it’s going.

So frustrating.

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  1. WOW!! Those tomatoes 'looked' so good too, darn little critter(s) :(