Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Winchester . . . a beer lovers paradise

This post is as much about the location as it is about the beer.  Probably even more so.

Recently, hubby and I went to New England Brewing Company’s Final Friday which is basically an event where they open up the brewery to the public allowing them to check out the facilities and sample their beer.

After we had sampled our three beers and enjoyed the party we decided we hadn’t had our fill . . . a sampling of those yummy beers only served to wet our appetite.

Almost directly across the street from the brewery is the Winchester Restaurant and Bar.  It’s a nice little restaurant with a big beautiful bar and an amazing beer list.  I'm pretty sure they serve food . . . just kidding, they do.  We didn't eat much but the wings were good.  The bartender was pretty rockin', too!

If you're ever in the neighborhood be sure to stop in for a pint or so . . . you won't be disappointed.

There were so many beers to try it was difficult to know where to start.  But we worked it out.  We were sharing so don't freak that there are so many beers on this list.  

Mother's Milk by Keegan Ales.  This was by far one of the finest stouts I've ever had the pleasure to consume . . . that's saying something as I am not a huge fan of stouts. It was smooth and creamy and remarkably delicious.  It could almost be a cookie . . . chocolate and oats . . . a liquid beery cookie.  Remarkable!  Apparently hubby thought so too, I think he drank most of it! (5% ABV)

Friars Quad by New England Brewing.  As the name implies it is a very strong beer (10.2% ABV).  It is a rich, deep red Belgian style ale.  It is very malty with hints of fruit, strong without being boozy and it has a pleasant yeastiness.  Really quite good and tasty.  It disappeared pretty quickly from my glass . . . again I believe hubby to be the culprit.

1687 Brown Ale by Charter Oak Brewing.  Another local-to-me brewing company but this is the first taste I've had of their beer.  This is an American style brown ale.  It was slightly sweet with caramel and chocolate undertones.  Toasty malts prevail with a surprising hoppiness that adds a fine complexity and creates a wonderful flavor. A worthy flagship beer.  (5.5% ABV)

Black IPA by Otter Creek Brewing.  As the name indicates it is a dark beer . . . almost stouty with roasted malt and caramel flavors but most definitely IPAish with a lot of hoppy bitterness.  If you're a fan of stouts and IPAs and are having a hard time deciding which to drink . . . you can have the best of both worlds with this beer.  Awesomeness in a glass!! (6% ABV)

Duvel by Duvel Moortgat.  This an imported Belgian strong pale ale.   It is a bubbly fruity ale . . . not sweet as it is balanced out by the hops.   Don't get me wrong it is not overly bitter but the hoppy floral notes compliment and accentuate the orange, apple(?) and honey flavors.  An interesting beer, very tasty. (8.5% ABV) 

Taddy Porter by Samuel Smith.  A true English beer.  It is dark and frothy, smooth and delicious.  A really good porter with lots of caramel and toffy undertones along with my favorite . . . dark chocolate.  It's smooth and creamy with just the right amount of carbonation.  Again a really good dark beer . . . am I being turned to the dark side?  Maybe.  This was really, really good! (5% ABV)

Naughty Nurse by City Steam Brewery.  City Steam is pretty local to me but this is the first time I've had their beer.  Okay . . . who doesn't like a naughty nurse? Apparently, a lot of people do like Naughty Nurse because it's their best selling beer.  It is an amber ale that is easily drinkable.  It's crisp and refreshing . . . a little hoppy with hints of fruit.  It is a nice light beer that you can kick back and enjoy on a fine summer day.  (5% ABV)

Blonde on Blonde by City Steam Brewery.  It sounds like a porno but it's not.  It's actually a nice, tasty hoppy brew that is much more to my liking (more so than a pile of blonde chicks getting it on).  It's got the strong citrussness (is that a word?) that I love so much in hopped up brews.  It's light and smooth . . . it kind of goes right down (again and again and again).  I've had hoppier but I'm not complaining. This was a damn fine beer!  Delish! (6% ABV)

Scrumtrulescent by New England Brewing.  What's in a name?  Do I read scrumptious in there?  Sort of?  Maybe.  This was yummy!  This is a saison or farmhouse style ale.   It is a nice summer beer . . . a little spicy, slightly fruity . . . overall a light, flavorful and too drinkable brew.   (5.6% ABV) 

If you're at the Winchester be sure to stop by New England Brewing and grab a growler or two!

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