Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How my garden grows . . . everything's coming up beans!

The beans are coming on full force and I'm lovin' it!  It's interesting.  If I look at the bean plants all I see are leaves and vines.  But if I happen to spot bean pods it's like a window opens up and all I see is bean pods everywhere dripping from every vine.  They are the masters of camouflage   

Today I picked another big batch of beans . . . literally pulling them off the plants by the fistful.  And I have plants that haven't even started growing pods yet but lots of blossoms.  

This is the first year I've grown beans and I have to say that its very rewarding.  They are easy to grow and the really produce.  We have a garden so we can stock our pantry and the bean plants are making an excellent contribution.

This week I managed to empty out my veggie drawer which was stuffed with tomatoes, cucumbers and beans by preserving them.    I canned the tomatoes for sauce, made dilly beans, cucumber pickles and pickled peppers.

Today I filled it right back up again and that's not including the beans.  Additionally, I filled a gallon sized baggy up with those.  Time to whip out the canner again.

Besides the beans, I harvested a pile of tomatoes that were surprisingly unmolested, several cucumbers, a zucchini and one pea pod.

I go to the garden between 5 and 6  in the morning (I have to be to work at 8).  The garden is at the point where I either have time to either pick veggies or weed.  I'd rather have weeds than a garden full of rotting vegetables.  However, I try to pull as many of the most obnoxious ones as I can.

Gardening rocks!

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  1. Those beans will grow until frost gets 'em or you pull them- crazy.
    Deb usually snaps, blanches, & freezes them in ~1/2 # bags.