Monday, August 6, 2012

How my garden grows . . . hope renewed!

I half-heartedly went to the garden this morning fully expecting to be disappointed.  In fact . . . I was  so dispirited that I didn't even bring my camera with me . . . if you know me then you know that I always have my camera with me . . . always.  But I had to go anyway to salvage any tomatoes that may have survived the onslaught of Sir Hops-a-Lot.  

When I arrived, I heaved a sigh upon seeing that one of my bamboo bean poles had snapped in half and the 7-foot vine toppled over outside of my plot.  No doubt caused by the heavy wind and rain from last night's storm.  *sigh*

As I approached, imagine my surprise as I lifted the vines to drape them over the garden fence only to find the vines to be dripping with . . . what is this? . . . long, skinny green beans!  Holy cow!  Fistfuls and fistful and fistfuls of beans!  WOOT!  

And do you know what?  I might have paid those vines no heed if not for the fact that they had fallen over.  

So, giddy as a fairy high on pixie dust I entered the garden.  Lo and behold there were tomatoes . . . whole . . . intact . . . with nary a nibble taken from the red luscious juicy orbs. Miracles DO happen! 
  I snagged about a dozen with more on the way.  Still . . . not the harvest I had hoped for when I planted them but still more than I expected after the past few weeks of disappointment

As I moved along the row I discovered that one of my nearly depleted zucchini plants had rooted an offshoot and there was a fresh new zucchini plant growing.  So, I’ll be having a whole new crop of zucchini to look forward too!  How cool is that?

Out of six bell pepper plants I  have two that have one little pepper each that are just not getting any bigger so I picked those and I’ll give them to hubby with his lunch. 

The hot pepper are producing quite well, however and I picked a bunch of both jalapeños and Hungarian wax peppers.

The cucumber plants are petering out but still producing a few a day. 

I even managed to pick a handful of peas!  The bunny must be so busy with the tomatoes that he forgot about those

So, overall, I’m feeling better about the garden.  There is hope!

Did I mention beans?  Yeah . . . lotsa beans.

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