Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Brew Thursday - City Steam Innocence

Recently I wrote a post about a bunch of beers I had sampled.  Two of which were from a Connecticut brewery in Hartford called City Steam.

The brewery commented that if I liked those I should try another of their beers . . . "She's an IPA by the name of "Innocence" and you will never forget your first. " City Steam

It just so happens that my favorite beer store had this particular beer so I confidently snagged a six pack to enjoy over the weekend.  And, enjoy it I did.  In fact, I liked Innocence even better than the other two . . . Naughty Nurse and Blonde on Blonde . . . and I really liked those.

First of all . . . the label is pretty cute. Front and center is a slightly nerdy, kinda sexy Velma Dinkley (of Scooby Doo fame) look-a-like. Jinkies! 

I popped open a nice cold one and was immediately impressed by the rich reddish gold color.  It poured a thick head that dissipated fairly quickly but left behind a good amount lacing that hugged the side of the glass.  

It looked nice but how did it taste?  Mmm . . . quite good indeed.

Innocence is and American style IPA that has a caramel apple thing going on followed by a citrus and earthy hoppiness that I expect from an IPA.  It is an interesting combination of flavors and even more enticing is how they build in your mouth. It's like the sweetness is almost there and then it's like hey what just happened??  But in a good way!  Just as it seemed  the sweetness was going hit full on the hops took over and washed it away with a pleasant bitterness.   It finished clean and crisp . . . and left me wanting more.  So, I had another one.  Who am I to deny Innocence?

All-in-all I give Innocence a hearty two thumbs up.  Not too sweet, not too bitter . . . just right, very nice.  I would have drank the whole six by myself but my hubby insisted on having some too.  The nerve!  Personally, I think he just wanted to fondle the babe on the label but he'd never admit it.

Ah . . . the end of the Innocence.  

For more information about City Steam Brewery's Beer and Cafe visit their website or check them out on Facebook.


  1. This sounds delish. Do you go in for the food pairing with beers? What would you pair with this one?

  2. It went really well with my Lick-the-plate-clean Chicken. Which has a sweet/tangy thing going on. Recipe here: