Friday, January 27, 2012

Firewater Friday - Yodel-Le-He-Hoo!

Yodeling . . . I get visions dancing in my head of Heidi in pig tails frolicking through the Swiss Alps with her grand-pappy and a plethora of goats.
In fact, yodeling comes in many forms 
. . .

Used by shepherds as calls to round up their livestock, in African tribal songs, by Tarzan as he swung from vine to vine, and a tasty cream filled snack cake.

I was recently introduced to a new and entertaining form of yodeling . . . cat yodeling.  Also known as . . . playing the Angry Bagpipes.

Depending on your instrument . . . engaging in cat yodeling is not for the faint of heart . . . painful in many instances.  For me . . . by invoking this soulful sound I am taking my life into my own hands.  My cat . . . clearly not amused.  Protective gear . . . totally recommended.


A margarita with orange juice . . . yums!

1/2 Cup Ice
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1 Fluid Ounce Tequila
1/2 Fluid Ounce Triple Sec
1 Teaspoon Sugar
1 Dash Fresh Lime Juice

Fill a glass with ice. Pour the orange juice, tequila, triple sec, sugar, and lime juice over the ice; stir.

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