Saturday, January 7, 2012

God has a sense of humor

Hubby and I go out for pizza every week with a couple of friends.  We always have a good time sharing stories and laughter over an inexpensive meal.  

This past week one of our friends brought me a bag with potatoes in it.  She said, "I saw these and thought of you."  As I pulled them out of the bag the first two were shaped like hearts . . . aw, isn't that sweet.  The third one wasn't shaped like a heart . . . it was shaped like a . . . well, I'll let the photo speak for itself.  

The question is . . . why did she think of me when she saw that  one.  

Weird shaped veggies aren't uncommon.  I've grown tomatoes that have looked like that had horns or noses before.  This past summer, my sister gave me some weird looking carrots  . . . one looked like Snoopy and the other looked like Squidward.  

They taste the same so, if you can get past the bizarro shape, you're good to go.

The European Union recently passed a law banning the sale of unusually shaped veggies.  There were all kinds of specifications for what a vegetable should  look like.  Recently, the bureaucrats came to their senses and repealed the law.

I think people who don't eat something just because it "looks a bit different" are pathetic. So long as it doesn't glare at me or say "hello", I'll happily eat just about anything just so long as it's not rotten.  Who cares if it looks a little  wonky.  Anything else is wasteful and who can afford that?

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