Friday, June 29, 2012

Firewater Friday - [sic] 'em!

I read a lot.  I see '[sic]' in text all of the time but I never really knew what it meant.  I had what I thought was a rough idea . . . enough so that I didn't make any sort of effort to figure out exactly what it meant. I notice that it usually appears next to a word that is misspelled . . . so I assumed it had something to do with that.  But I'm reading a book now that it's appearing all over the place which prompted me to find out precisely what it means.  Because I don't really no [sic].

I found out that it is used when quoting text and is meant to show that how it appears in the original.  It follows the unusual/incorrect word or phrase. Usually, when referring to uncommon spellings or out of use words or language.  

Sic is Latin and short for sicut which means "thus", or more specifically "thus was it written".   Basically, it's an indicator by the author who is basically saying, "Hey, I'm not stupid.  I know it's spelled wrong but that's the way was originally written.  So, don't bust my chops." 

As a side note, when people want a dog to attack you might hear them say, “sic ‘em!”   They're not saying "thus 'em"; like that would make any kind of sense.   "Sic" used in this way is actually is variation of the word "seek" . . . as in "seek them!" or "pursue them!".

Dill Cucumber Gin & Tonic 

Cool, light and quite refreshing

2 Springs Fresh Dill
Cucumber, Sliced Thing
1 Shot Gin
Tonic Water

In a rocks glass gently muddle 2 sprigs of fresh dill. 

Add three long, skinny slices of cucumber

Fill glass with ice.

Add gin and fill with tonic water.

Add a squirt of fresh lime juice top of the drink

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