Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tag der Deutschen Einheit

Today (October 3rd) is Germany's Unity Day . . . a national holiday celebrating the 1990 reunification of Germany.  

Originally, it was thought that the best day to commemorate reunification was November 9 . . . the day the Berlin wall was taken down . . . but that day conflicts with the anniversary of the proclamation of the German Republic.    Additionally, the same day in 1938 was Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass, which was the first major Nazi attack against Jews; hardly a day appropriate for celebration.  

So, an acquaintance (friend #1) from Germany is enjoying her day off by lounging on her couch with her kitty cat, a good movie and lasagna.  

Garfield would approve!

In a conversation with her and another pal (friend #2), we were remarking on her lounging abilities. Her reply, "Lounging I do... I excel now in extreme or hardcore lounging.   (I hope I´m not talking dirty in this foreign language *hehe*) 

Basically, she's a power lounger.

Friend #2, "Oh . . it's one of my strengths too."

Me, "A worthy goal . . . I must work on my lounging skills." Basically, I have no lounging skills . . . must always be doing something . . . anything but nothing.

Then, since each of us resides in a different country, it was suggested by Friend #1, "let´s get group lounging to be an Olympic sport with transnational teams allowed . . . synchronized transnational group lounging!"

Hey . . . if trampoline is considered a sport so can synchronized lounging.

Friend #2 then nominated Friend #1 as head coach.  I seconded the motion, "head coach and all around chief lounger."

Friend #1 expressed her gratitude for our appreciation of her doing-nothing skills and in celebration adjusted her position on the couch . . . a critical move in synchronized transnational group lounging . . . to prevent bed sores.

True story . . . actual conversation . . . you can't make this stuff up!


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  1. hi Cher!
    i fear, i must admit, that i am friend #1 ;-)
    love your blog, love cattitude!

    CU in KC,

    Nina :-)