Friday, October 5, 2012

Firewater Friday - Cucumber, Basil and Tequila Cooler

Cucumber, Basil and Tequila Cooler

1/4 Large Cucumber, Peeled and Cut Into Large Chunks
1/2 Cups Loosely Packed Basil Leaves
1/8 Cup Loosely Packed Mint Leaves
Juice of 1 Lime, Divided
1/2 Ounce Agave Nectar
4 Ounces Sprite or Club Soda
Ice Cubes
1 Shot of Tequila 
Cucumber Slice, For Garnish

Place cucumber, basil, mint and juice of 1/2 lime in the bowl of a food processor and blend for 30 seconds. 

Allow mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes or longer if you have time. 

Put mixture through a fine colander or sieve, pressing on solids to get as much liquid out as possible. Discard solids.

Put liquid in a cocktail shaker or jar. Add remaining lime juice and sweetener and shake well. Taste for sweetness and add more syrup if desired.

Pour even amounts of liquid into two ice-filled glasses and top with lemon-lime soda. Stir in tequila and garnish with cucumber.

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