Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Brew Thursday - Portsmouth Brew Pub

Over the summer hubby and I were on vacation in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.  On the one rainy day we had during the week we took a drive to Portsmouth to check out of a couple of the local breweries.  

A must visit on the list was none other than Portsmouth Brewery.  The brewpub is cozy with a very pleasant waitstaff and you can watch the brewers work as you enjoy your food and drink.  

Since this wasn't the only stop on our little beer tour we decided to get a sampler . . . mmmm, okay we both got a sampler.  I have to say of all the places where I've gotten a beer sampler Portsmouth, by far, has the most generous sample pallet . . . ten beers, all told.  A mix of beers from Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose (a sister brewery) and an odd man out from Tuckermans.

The first on the pallet was the Dirty Blond Ale (4.5% ABV).  A bright lemon color with a frothy white head.  A light, sessionable brew.  Citrussy, a little sweet with a touch of hoppiness.  Refreshing and exceptionally drinkable . . . a very nice summer beer.   Overall . . . very good.

Onward and forward . . . Belgian Wit (4.5% ABV).  A hazy golden color with a fluffy white head.    A lot over wheat beers that's all you can taste . . . wheat.  But this a nice wheaty beer with distinctive floral notes.  Interesting and tasty.  Overall . . . very good.

Ah the dark beer,  Black Cat Stout (5.5% ABV).  I'm not a big stout drinker but I can appreciate a good one.  This is one of those.  This beer is dark, smooth, creamy and a little bitter. The best part?  Black Cat is chock full of coffee flavor . . . uhm, drooooool. Overall . . . very good.

Saison (6% ABV).  A hazy golden beer . . . it tastes like it looks.  Slightly sweet honey, some pineapple and a touch of citrus.  It tastes like summer and is very refreshing.  Delish!  Overall . . . very good.

Rye?  Rye Not (5.5% ABV).  The rye is evident in the aroma . . . along with some malty goodness.  Another good summery beer with refreshing hops and citrus.  In fact, to me, this was more IPAish; something you won't here me complain about.  There was a bit of fruitiness that balanced out the beer quite nicely.  I liked it.  Overall . . . pretty good.

Smuttynose Finest Kind (6.9% ABV).  Another American IPA . . . another one tops on my favorite list here.  What can I say? I'm an IPA kinda girl.  This beer starts out a with a malty caramel sweetness the morphs into something in between floral and citrus then  ends with a crisp hoppiness.  A wonderfully complex and delicious beer.  Overall . . . awesome!

Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale (5.5% ABV).  This is an American Pale Ale.  A lovely coppery red color  . . . definitely the prettiest beer in the bunch. It tastes like it looks.  That is, toasty caramel maltiness which compliments something subtle and fruity . . . hmmm, apple maybe?  It finishes crisp and clean with a touch of hoppy bitterness.  Yummy!  Overall . . . nearly awesome!

Smuttynose Star Island Single (5% ABV).  A Belgian Pale Ale.  A hazy straw color with a poof of foam on top.  It's like drinking fresh bread and a touch of jam . . . yeasty, fruity . . . mmm.  It finishes crisp and clean with bitter notes.  Goes down easy, very tasty, easily sessionable.  Overall . . . very good.

Last but nowhere near least . . . Tuckerman's Pale Ale (4.75% ABV).   What can I say about this beer?  I can tell you it's made by one of my favorite New Hampshire micro-breweries!  And also that this is my favorite of their offerings.  An American Pale Ale that is light and refreshing with citrus and bitter hops but not quite IPAish.  It's lightly carbonated and exceedingly drinkable!  So good!  Overall . . . nearly awesome!

Visit the websites for Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose and Tuckermans.  Or, check them out on Facebook herehere and here respectively.

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