Monday, September 17, 2012

I can't find it!

Do you believe in gremlins, brownies or bogies?  I don't want to but I don't really have much choice.  Because either there's a prankster spirit in our home or my husband is totally screwing with me.  I'm leaning towards option number one because it would be very bad for hubby if I found out he was trying to make me crazy . . . very bad indeed . . . and he knows it.

Every so often something disappears only to reappear days, weeks or even months later either exactly where it should be and where we looked over and over again or somewhere where the thing has no business being, someplace we wouldn't have put it.

It's really freaky.

Three recent examples . . .  

When I do laundry I make sure hubby removes all the stuff from his pockets . . . he carries more crap around in his pockets than I do in my purse.  I make sure he takes everything out so that I'm not responsible for accidentally washing something he doesn't want washed . . . like his phone or flashlight.  A couple weeks ago we did the emptying of the pockets routine and he put his stuff in a pile off on the side of the bed where he normally puts his things.  On the same day I was washing sheets so I gathered those up as well and put on fresh ones.  The next day he was loading up his clean shorts and couldn't find his flashlight.  He had everything else including the holster for the flashlight . . . but no flashlight.  He looked all around in his piles of crap on his side of the bed.  I looked in the dirty sheets and laundry in the the basement, just in case they got caught up in those.  The flashlight was nowhere.  For a week he poked around for the flashlight.  For a week he swore up and down that I had somehow managed to get the thing wrapped up in the old sheets and that it had to be in the laundry pile.  I looked three times . . . it wasn't there.

Keep in mind that this is a $130+ pocket flashlight that is extra bright, extra durable and has weapon potential. . . not something simply replaceable by a trip to the local Walmart.

A week later he decided to plow through his stacks and piles and bags of stuff.  The flashlight had to be there somewhere.  He picked through junk that he hadn't touched in years . . . no flashlight.  

The week before when I changed the sheets, I took the clean ones out of the closet and made up the bed.  Somehow I ended up with a spare sheet that I left draped over a suitcase at the end of the bed.  For whatever reason when he was going through his stuff he shook out the sheet and out fell his flashlight.  This was after literally hours of sorting through his things. That  flashlight couldn't have been there because where he emptied his pockets wasn't anywhere near this spot.  But there it was.  Weird.

Another such incident was last December.  A gun cleaning kit went missing . . . something we use all the time and I ended up getting another one because we really did need it..  Hubby thought I threw it out with the Christmas wrapping paper and boxes.  I know I didn't throw it away but I thought that maybe I packed it up with the Christmas decorations and that we'd find it when we decorated this year.  So, this past weekend hubby was cleaning a rifle and was going through the bin of cleaning supplies . . . I bin I have taken every single thing out of and he has taken every thing out of several times looking for the kit and other cleaning supplies.  It wasn't there and hasn't been there for months.  Guess where the cleaning kit was?  In the bottom of that bin . . . exactly where it should have been but hasn't been for months and months.   The cleaning kt was visible from the outside of the bin . . . a milk crate . . . in a spot I look at probably a half a dozen times a week or more.  Plain as day . . . in our faces . . . right there.  Crazy.

One other thing . . . or several things . . . went missing last November.  Some papers that I needed but were replaceable so it wasn't a huge deal that they were gone . . . it was just weird that they simply disappeared from a spot where I knew . . . absolutely knew . . . that I had placed them but not to be found again until 6 months later.  The papers are kept in an envelope inside box on top of a bookshelf in the living room.  I found them at the bottom of a bin full of motorcycle gear in the basement.  There is no conceivable reason why those papers should have been where I found them . . . randomly found them because I was looking for a jacket.

There's one other thing that's been missing for several months . . . a controller for my Wii . . . let's see if that happens to turn up or if hubby is right in thinking my son "borrowed" it.

So . . . I need to appease whatever creature this is that's playing tricks on us.  I just don't know what it wants or I'd happily give it him!  

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