Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How my garden grows . . . 'splodin!

Coming to the garden for the first time after being away for ten days on vacation was quite a surprise . . . a very pleasant surprise.

Almost everything in the garden is absolutely busting out all over the place . . . holy-cow-wow big and healthy.

The only exception being the pepper plants, which are healthy and some are even bearing fruit.  But they aren't really getting very big . . . we're missing something.  

And, the cucumber plants which, while definitely recovering from the cucumber beetle attack are still kind of sad looking.

Due to some serious weeding before leaving for vacation the weeds weren't nearly as bad as they could have been . . . nor were they as bad as I expected them to be.  But still there were plenty to pull and after yanking weeds for an hour there were still more.  Weeding is a job that never ends. **sigh**  But overall plants are blossoming and seedlings are thriving.  

We have several small zucchini and lots of blossoms.  I expect that we will be eating some in a few days.  

Although the bad bug population is greatly diminished and appear to be leaving the cucumber plants alone altogether, there were many adult squash beetles on the zucchini plants.  But not all bugs are bad!  We have bees buzzing around pollinating things and lady bugs are out and about.

The tomato plants are ridiculous.  Before we left we made sure all the stems were tucked inside the cages.  Still, many the stalks had grown so much and so thick over the past week and a half that there is no way to get them into the cages without breaking them.  And they are covered in blossoms!

The lettuce, radish and beet seedlings are all big enough to start thinning them out.    The nasturtiums are getting big, I can't wait for them to start flowering!

The bean and pea plants are sending out tendrils all over the place and climbing their trellisses.  

I even spied a tiny cucumber.    

So we yanked weeds, thinned and watered.

I'm pleased with how the garden is coming along.

It's all so gratifying.

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