Saturday, June 2, 2012

How my garden grows - a busy week in the garden (week 3)

This week there was lots of sunshine and all my plants are growing like crazy.

I've been visiting the garden every morning as the sun is coming up to try and keep the weed population in check and to water.

The one disappointment was the invasion of the cucumber beetles that pretty much demolished my cucumber plants and took a bite out of my zucchini plants.

I've continued planting all through the week to stagger harvest times . . . radishes, green beans and shelling beans.

Seeds that I planted last weekend are sprouting and the plants that I put in the ground are happy and healthy . . . except the cukes, of course.

Keeping up with the weeds is a real challenge.  There are many invasive varieties that will take over in no time if I wasn't constantly yanking them out.  We have Queen Anne's Lace, morning glory, grass, milk weed, dandylions, thistle, and mugwort to name a few of the worst varieties.  We also have beneficial weeds like clover and purselane, but those have to be kept under control, as well.

After all the work is done the best part is watering everything while sipping my coffee.  The sun is usually coming up at this point, it's quiet but for the birds and other critters.  It's a simple pleasure and a moment to enjoy all my efforts.

I'm looking forward to a healthy, productive garden . . . stay tuned.

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