Sunday, May 27, 2012

How my garden grows . . . more from the garden

Flowers look pretty in the garden but that's not why I plant them there.  I plant them for the good things they do for my edible crops.  Marigolds repel bugs and rabbits, so I plant them up close to my plants.  Nasturtiums, besides being edible in their own right, attract aphids and other bugs away from the other plants.

I had some concerns about the peas I planted last week being duds . . . well, my concern was unfounded . . . yesterday there were no sprouts and today . . . well, see of yourself . . . pea sprouts!

This morning I planted more seeds . . . 

pole beans from seeds that were donated from a friend. I shoeved some stakes in the ground and strung up some string for them to climb.  I planted six seeds around the base of each pole and will thin them out when they grow and I can determine which plants are most viable.

I also planted beets, lettuce, and basil.  All easy to grow and will show quick results.  I'm looking forward to the early crops they will provide.
The best  . . . and most important . . . part of working in the garden is watering.  It's vital to make sure you give your plants a good soaking.    A good soaking allows the roots to grow deep and strong.   Too little water and the roots will grow shallow and you'll have weak plants that don't produce a good volume of vegetables.   

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