Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love, happiness, peace, knitting.

10 Principles of Knitting

1. It's all about the awesome yarn choices. Simple stitches & patterns create gorgeous pieces.
2. Strive to relax and have fun - do not strive for perfection.
3. Be clever & daring. Take a risk!
4. Every mistake can be fixed.
5. Swatch, swatch, swatch.
6. Set goals, not deadlines.
7. Never stop learning.
8. Share the legacy, teach someone to knit.
9. Put your signature on each gift.
10. Knit with love.
--- Finely, A Knitting Party

I’m on the constant look out for quick and effortless projects that I can work on without thought while watching television.  This is a simple pattern made up with a beautiful yarn from my stash and is absolutely perfect for a newbie knitter (or someone like me who needs instant gratification).

Easy Peasy Fringed Scarf

For this project I used a lovely deep green Chenille yarn and size #19 needles. Exact gauge is not essential to this project.

For the scarf:
With 2 strands of yarn held together, cast on 10 stitches. Work in Garter stitch(1) until piece measures 66"  from beginning. Bind off. Weave in ends.

For the Fringe:
Cut ten 40 in. long strands of yarn for fringe. Using 1 strand per fringe, fold strand in half to form a loop. Insert crochet hook into bottom edge of Scarf and draw loop through. Draw ends of fringe through this loop and tighten. Attach fringe evenly across ends of Scarf.

(1) The Garter stitch is simple knit, knit, knit . . . row after row.  You may ask . . . isn’t knitting what knitting is about?  Yes, but, no.  Knitting is the art of creating a fabric by making interlocking loops of yarn. There are two basic ways to create these loops . . . KNIT and PURL:
  1. The action of inserting your needles through the bottom of a loop and pulling a new loop down and through the first loop is called 'knitting'.

  1. The action of inserting your needles from the top of a loop and pulling a new loop up and through the first stitch is called 'purling'.

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