Saturday, November 27, 2010

Take a Look . . . at Kitchenaid Stand Mixers

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows my opinion of the Kitchenaid stand mixer.  I love it!  I use it for almost every cooking adventure I undertake.

I started out with the Kitchenaid Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, which I received as a gift about 10 years ago.  It is still one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.  At that time, I liked to cook but I wouldn’t classify myself as a “power user”.  I used it often to mix all manner of things . . . cookies, mashed potatoes, etc – you know typical everyday cooking stuff.  And it was fantastic for those run of the mill chores. 

My husband, who is the number one benefactor of my gastronomic creations, bought me attachments for the mixer.  The slicing, shredding attachment worked great – nice for grating cheese and slicing hard veggies and shredding stuff.  However, making pasta was beyond the ability of the Classic motor’s capacity – it nearly overheated within minutes.  Ice packs weren’t entirely effective at keeping the motor cool – yeah, I actually tried it.

As my culinary skills and quests expanded . . . the Classic mixer, although awesome, was no longer able to keep up with my growing needs.

Shortly after this discovery I received the KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer  as a present from . . . can you guess who?   OH MY GOODNESS!  A seriously remarkable tool . . . powerful, versatile and a fantastic conversationalist . . . okay it doesn’t talk but it can do almost anything else.  I have used it to make butter, bread, pasta, cakes.  With the proper attachments . . . it slices, shreds, juices, stuffs, mixes, kneads, and stirs.  It’s powerful enough to handle every challenge I’ve chucked at it.  It’s large enough to handle the biggest recipes I’ve thrown into the bowl . . . 4 loaves of bread, dozens of cookies.  I’d be hard pressed to find a meal or other cooking project that doesn’t benefit from the use of the mixer. 

My opinion, for what it’s worth (my friend), is that every kitchen needs a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.  Now, don’t go thinking I have room in my kitchen for all the latest and greatest appliances . . . although I really don’t have the counter space real estate for the mixer to have a permanent home . . . it does, nonetheless.  I use it THAT often.  I would ditch the microwave oven before I’d ever consider packing away my Kitchenaid. 

I don't have the grain mill, pasta roller or ice cream maker attachments yet . . . hint hint.  Just sayin'.  :-)~

You know what would be really cool?  A heating element for the mixer for making stuff like hollandaise and chocolate and gravy and whatnot.  Someone needs to get working on that.


Cher LOVES her Kitchenaid Stand Mixers

The following videos show me making butter, jam, zucchini bread and applesauce with my mixer . . .

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