Friday, November 23, 2012

Firewater Friday - Spice Infused Rum

Homemade spiced rum is very easy to make . . . all it requires is time for all the spices to do their magic.  After a couple of minutes of work and two weeks of waiting and you end up with a tasty rum that can't be beat.  

Spice Infused Rum

32 oz. White Rum
2 Cinnamon Whole Sticks 
1 Vanilla Bean
8 - 10 Whole Allspice Berries
8 - 10 Whole Cloves
1 Orange Orange, Zested

When you peel the orange make sure you get only the zest . . . not the pith, which is the white part underneath the skin.

Break the cinnamon stick into pieces but do not grind it up and add to a one quart jar.  Add the rest of the spices and the rum.  

Shake, shake, shake the jar.  Then shake the jar vigorously a couple times a day for two weeks.

The rum will get darker and darker ever day as the spices infuse into the rum.  

Strain the rum into another jar, flask, bottle.  I use a nylon stocking for a filter, but you can use cheesecloth or a coffee filter.  I like the stocking because it stretches over the mouth of the jar or around the lip of a funnel . . . it's far more flexible and easier to use.

Ta da!  Spiced rum!

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