Friday, October 15, 2010

Firewater Friday - Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic . . . the perfect elixir to combat a hot day . . . or a bad day . . . or a headache . . . aw, who needs a reason to drink the refreshing concoction of gin, tonic and lime?  Not I, says I.

Gin and Tonic gained popularity when was introduced to the army of the British East India Company in India in the early 19th century to prevent malaria . . . why?  Because tonic water contains quinine. Why the gin if the tonic water was the . . . er . . . tonic for malaria.  Because the tonic water consumed to prevent malaria in the 18th century was extremely strong, making it taste very bitter, gin was added to make it more palatable.

Besides preventing malaria . . . a properly garnished gin and tonic also helps to prevent scurvy . . . how, you ask.  Limes . . . contain vitamin C.  Of course, you need to drink A LOT of gin and tonics to get a sufficient dose of the vitamin.  I don’t know about you, but I can suffer through a boatload of gin and tonics!  Scurvy be gone!

An Epic Gin & Tonic

4 to 5 tonic water Ice Cubes (see note)
3 ounces gin
4 ounces tonic water
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime wedge for garnish

Place the ice cubes in a tall, narrow, chilled glass.  Pour the lime juice over the ice, add the gin, and finally the tonic water.  Stir well. Garnish with the lime wedge, and drink.

Note: To make the ice cubes, simply fill an empty ice cube tray with tonic water and freeze. 

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