Saturday, October 9, 2010

Camping in Style - Three Course Meal

We love camping.  We tent camp but we, by no means, rough it.  We have our air mattress and double wide sleeping bag for snuggling.  We cook over a camp stove and have real brewed coffee.  Camping for us is eating, drinking and relaxing . . .

One of the things I make sure of is that we have good noms . . . no one goes hungry when I’m cooking!

A typical meal for us goes from appetizer to dessert . . . no kidding.  And, it’s usually not thrown together beanie weenies either . . . although, that’s not out of the realm of possibility depending on the level of motivation after a day of drinking and relaxing.

A camping menu may look something like this:

Appetizer – Cheese stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon
Main Course – Sausage, peppers and onions
Dessert – Pie ala mode

With the right supplies, these are all things that are amazingly easy to make at the campsite.

Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños Wrapped In Bacon

What you need:
  • 8 – 10 Jalapeños
  • Cheese – whatever kind you like but we prefer sharp cheddar
  • 8 – 10 Strips Uncooked Bacon
Put a slit in the jalapeños and carefully remove the seeds – try to leave the pepper as intact as possible.  Stuff the pepper with an appropriate size chunk of cheese.  Wrap the jalapeño with a strip of bacon and run through with a toothpick.

In a skillet, cook over medium-high heat until the bacon is nice and crispy. 

Eat ‘em up!  Make sure you have an icy cold beer or beverage on hand cuz these little suckers can be HOT!

Sausage, Peppers and Onions

What you need:
  • 6 – 8 Sausages
  • 2  Bell Peppers, Sliced
  • 1 Large Onion, Sliced
  • Butter (as needed)

I like to have everything prepped before heading out for a camping trip.  I will slice up the peppers and onions and seal them in a gallon baggie.  I also cut up the sausages into bite size pieces to help them cook faster. 

In a large skillet, brown the sausage.  Add the peppers and onions and butter.  Cook until the peppers and onions are done to your liking.  I like them a little browned with a bit of crunch left in them.

I will serve this up with a couple slices of buttered bread or a roll, whatever I happen to have on hand. 


Apple Pie ala Mode

An excellent camp tool to have is a pie iron.  You can cook a lot of thing in it from grilled cheese to stew pockets to pie. 

What you need for the pie:

  • Pie Iron
  • Canned Pie Filling
  • Sliced White Bread
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Butter

Butter one side of two slices of bread and place butter side down on the pie iron.  Put a spoonful of pie filling on one side of the bread and top with a piece of cheese.  Close the pie iron and cook over an open fire until it’s golden brown.

What you need for the ice cream:

  • Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker
  • 1 pint of Half & Half
  • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla
  • 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar
  • Ice

    Using Your Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

    Here's the scoop!

    With the unique Play & Freeze™ Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream anywhere! You don’t need electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other end–then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it! The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla. Try flavors from our recipe list included or make up your own. Made of durable materials, it’s lightweight, portable and easy to clean. It’s ideal for Camping, Boating, Picnics, Parties, Travel...anywhere!
    Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more tips on having fun making ice cream.
    1. Fill the ice end with as much ice as possible, then add 1/2 cup of rock salt.
    (MEGA: Add 3/4 cup of rock salt). The lid should be hand tightened - do not use the wrench!
    2. Mix up your ice cream ingredients in a container, then pour mix into the end with the metal cylinder, leaving about an inch for expansion at the top. Hand tighten the lid.
    3 Have a ball! Shake, roll and pass it around as you mix and freeze the ingredients. Its not necessary to shake the ball...just motion will do it!4. After about 10 minutes(15 for the MEGA ball)open the ice cream end using the included plastic wrench.  Scrape the sides of the cylinder to mix up the ice cream using a plastic or wooden spoon (don’t use a metal spoon as it will scratch the cylinder). Then check the ice end. Pour out the excess water and add more ice and up to 1/3 cup more rock salt to enhance the freezing ability. Close the lids securely and continue having a ball for approximately 5–10 more minutes. (15 for MEGA)
    5. You now have about a pint (or quart for the MEGA ball) of delicious soft-serve ice cream. The consistency will vary based on the ice, your mix, the outside temperature, shaking frequency, etc. Once the ice cream is to the consistency of your liking, gently scoop it out and Enjoy!

    6. Important tips for using your Play & Freeze™ Ice Cream Maker:
    • Directions and recipes are inside the Ball.
    • Use cream instead of half ‘n’ half for richer tasting ice cream.
    • Leave about an inch of space for expansion when you fill up the can with the ice cream mix.
    • After 10 minutes (15 for MEGA ball)of mixing (shaking, rolling, passing), its important to stir the ice cream mix (it freezes more around the can). Also drain the water and refill with ice and additional rock salt. Have fun for another 10 minutes and you’re done. (15 for MEGA ball) .
    • Use the provided plastic wrench to open the ball, but not to close it.
    See more tips & tricks here...
    Caution: DO NOT KICK OR THROW! This could result in damage and is not covered under warranty. We suggest parental supervision when children are using the Play & Freeze.
    Warranty: One year from date of purchase, to the original purchaser, against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Specifically excluded is damage resulting from kicking or dropping.

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