Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition . . .

When I was a kid my favorite Saturday morning television show was the groovy Land of the Lost.  True the special effects weren't all that special or believable, but it was engaging all the same.  Especially scary was in the opening sequence went the tyrannosaurus rex's puppet mouth came at the scream in a roar.   

The lizard-man sleestak were really creepy . . . with their camel toe fingers and exaggerated breathing . . . pretty frightening for an impressionable youngster.  This, of course, was before horribly graphic video games and violent TV shows.  Now could have totally done without the little cave-dude Cha-ka . . . he was just annoying  but I loved the "pet" baby dinosaur dubbed Dopey cuz he was so cute.

For those of you who may have lived in a cave during the mid-70's . . . The premise of the show is that Rick Marshall (the dad) is a park ranger who takes his two kids, Will and Holly, on a rafting trip down a river. During the trip, an earthquake occurs which somehow opens up a rift in time, propelling the Marshalls into a land populated by dinosaurs, ape-men, and the dreaded Sleestak.

It wasn't particularly realistic, there was no intense drama . . . it was just good clean Saturday morning fun.  It went well with a bowl of Cheereos and sliced banana.

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