Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Damn that's a big nose you have. Must be nice to wake up every morning and smell the Brazil

I’m a chop buster from way back . . . yups, I like to tease and poke fun.   

So what is a chop anyway? It’s not a meat product I can tell you that . . . mmmmm, pork chop (with applesauce, of course). 

Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s not a meat product but there was a trend from the early 20th when mutton chops or lamb chop sideburns were all the rage. Back then busting someone’s chops wouldn’t be particularly prudent and you’d probably end up with your own chops getting busted . . . that is if you were fashionable and actually had chops. 

The expression actually goes even further back . . . in the 16th century, ‘chops’ was used to describe one’s jaws, mouth and parts of the mouth. 

 You know . . . as in licking your chops after eating a particularly succulent piece of steak as the juices run down your chin. Yeah, like that. 

 So, literally, busting chops would be like punching someone in the mouth or whacking someone upside the head. Of course now it’s more metaphorical . . . not an actual smack across the ol’ choppers.

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