Saturday, August 13, 2011

Waste not, Want not

Waste not, want not.  Not a bad adage to live by . . . after all, if you don't waste things, you are less likely to end up lacking them.

One of the things we are easily able to save and reprocess into a useable product is soap scraps.   We save the little bits of bar soap can’t really used for bathing and washing up.  We keep a small cup in the bathroom and when a bar of soap has outlived its current usefulness we put the fragment in it.  When the cup is full I can repurpose the bits into something more useful.

It’s really quite easy and takes almost no time at all.

I put the left-over soap pieces in a microwaveable bowl and melt them  on a low setting . . . like the melt butter or soften ice cream setting.  

It doesn't take long . . . less than a minute . . . for the soap to become softened and pliable.  I don't melt it to a liquid state . . . just smooshy like soft cream cheese.  

I take a nylon stocking . . . I keep a supply of ankle highs in the kitchen for a multitude of purposes . . . and wrap it around a jar so that the foot part is inside the jar.

Stir the softened soap and then scoop it into the well created by the stocking in the jar. 

And, then lift the stocking out and twist it until the soap is in the shape of a ball.  Then tie off the stocking.

This is great to hang by the garden hose or by a utility sink to wash up with.  The nylon acts as a built in wash cloth and helps to remove dirt and debris from your skin.

Pretty cool, huh?

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