Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stinky Pinky

My mind must be in the gutter. 

I was Googling something other day and found this meme 


My first thought was Stinky Pinky?  Ew!  

I thought it had something to do with stick a finger . . . namely a pinky finger . . . here 


An ex-boyfriend used to do that to me all the time . . . don't ask!

Turns out I couldn't be further from the truth. Go finger . . . er . . . go figure.

As it so happens, Stinky Pinky is a game; a word game to be precise.  Really!  Who knew?

It is a game in which one player says a phrase.  Then the other player has to come up with a rhyme that means the same thing as the clue.

For example: Smelly Finger = Stinky Pinky

Yeah, just like that.  

Is there an app for that?  Why yes!  Yes, there is!  

I downloaded it onto my Kindle Fire.  It's relatively amusing.

It's true what they say.  You do learn something new everyday.

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  1. I like playing that game on long car rides. We always called it "fat cat" (an obese feline). Here are some of mine: http://daisybrain.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/more-fat-cats/