Monday, August 27, 2012

Can you smell that smell?

At the office where I work there is a very nice man who comes twice a week to empty the garbage cans and recycle bins.  He’s very pleasant . . . always a “Hello.” And a “How are you?”

I DO have a problem with him, however.  His cologne.  His stinky, over powering cologne. **GAG**

When he first started here several months ago he was wearing something that smelled suspiciously like baby powder.  Should a grown man really be wearing baby powder scented anything? I can’t stand that smell.   That was bad enough, but tolerable. 

More recently he changed to something different.  And it seems that he doesn’t simply dab a little behind his ears or spritz a little on his neck.  Oh no . . . my goodness, then it wouldn’t be so god awful overpoweringly reeky.  

What he wears now smells like some bizarre combination of urine and patchouli . . . I kid you not!  It assaults the olfactory and lingers for hours after he leaves.  

From what I understand, patchouli in men’s colognes is used to attract women . . . it’s supposedly is reminiscent of a man’s natural scent.  Some sort of aphrodisiacal response from the babes.  A date night perfume, as it were.

Well, let me tell you . . . this one doesn’t do it for me (or my co-worker for that matter).  It is yucky-mc-ducky!

AND . . . is it really work place appropriate to be wearing a scent that is (theoretically) a chick magnet?  In this case, I guess it’s okay because it is really and truly a repellent! 

Just sayin’.

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