Friday, November 12, 2010

Firewater Friday - Jellyfish are not really fish

Jellyfish . . . beautiful, graceful and freaks of nature.

Jellyfish do not have specialized digestive, osmoregulatory, central nervous, respiratory, skeletal or circulatory systems.  They're basically a neural net that just kind of floats around digesting things that come in contact with their tentacles. . . creepy 

Did you know ...

... some jellyfish are bigger than a human and others are as small as a pinhead?
...that jellyfish are composed of more than 90% water?
... people in some countries eat jellyfish?
... that jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs?
... jellyfish have no brain but some kinds have eyes?
... that jellyfish are mainly made up of water and protein?
... a group of jellyfish is called a smack?
…that you can drink a jellyfish

WHOAH!  Where did that come from??  It’s Friday . . . DUH! 

The firewater du jour is a . . . you guessed it . . . Jellyfish shot.

What you need:

·        1/2 Shot White Creme de Cacao
·        1/2 Shot Amaretto
·        A Little Bailey's Irish Cream
·        Grenadine

How to assemble your jellyfish:

Pour the Creme de Cacao and then the Amaretto into a shot glass

Float enough Bailey's on top to cover the shot

Drop a few drops of grenadine into the shot

Voila!  A  jellyfish!  Drink it and feel the sting!  


After a few delicious attempts, I couldn't get it to look exactly like it's supposed to but it was an AWESOME shot.  This video might help you.  I think I'll keep trying until a get it right.  :)

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