Thursday, July 22, 2010

So, what to do with all those zucchini?

We have a small 4 x 40 plot at a community garden.  Due to limited space we were restricted as to how much we could plant . . . among other things we decided to plant only two zucchini plants. Based on the amount of baby zucchinis I’ve seen we’re going to have a healthy crop! 

So, what to do with all those zucchini? 

Of course there’s always the classics . . . zucchini bread, stuffed zucchini, fried zucchini, etc . . . but I found a great way to preserve them and enjoy them as a healthy snack, as well.  Dehydrate them . . . zucchini crisps

v     Slice the zucchini very thin
v     Put the slices on dehydrator trays
v     Sprinkle VERY lightly with salt, garlic powder, or whatever spices you like.  (Be careful not to use too much salt because it will concentrate as the zucchini dry.)
The thin slices dry very quickly . . . in couple of hours.  Voila! You have zucchini crisps.  A yummy HEALTHY snack, imagine that!    Because they are dehydrated they will store well in an airtight container.  


  1. Hey there! I have a question...I tried this at home, but mine went really soft after storage. Any advice?


  2. If they were soft then they weren't completely dry. If they're at all flexible then there is still moisture in them. You can't over dry them but you can definitely UNDER dry them. IF there is still moisture in them then you'll get spoilage.

  3. How long do I leave them in dehydrated and what temp???

  4. Darla,

    I would set your dehydrator somewhere between 135 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. That's the temperature that my dehydrator recommends for zucchini. It also recommends leaving them in for 6-12 hours, but if you check on them from time to time, you'll know when they're dry. Dehydrating is, thankfully, a fairly forgiving process.

  5. Before before putting the slices in the dehydrator I remove some of the moisture from the zucchini slices as follows:

    1) Get a wire or plastic colander.

    2) Put a layer of sliced zucchini in the colander and sprinkle lightly with Kosher salt.
    Repeat with remaining zucchini slices up to six layers.

    3) Get a flat bottomed bowl that fits inside the colander.

    4) Place the bowl on top of the layers and weight it with water, a heavy can or a hand weight that will fit inside the bowl. (I use a 3 lb "kettle bell" hand weight)

    5) Let this sit for a couple of hours.
    The salt and the weight will help remove moisture from the zucchini slices.

    6) Remove the slices from the colander and press slices between two clean cloth napkins or linen dish towels.

    Then put the slices in the dehydrator.

    Did this today and the chips came out crispy and tasty!