Thursday, January 10, 2013

I received an award! The Literary Paw!

On June 7, 2012 seven beautiful kittens were born to a mama cat who had been rescued and cared for by two caring women.  These ladies shared every moment of these adorable furballs early months via streaming video on the Internet.  Literally, millions of people from all over the world tuned in to watch and, remarkably, lasting friendships were formed.    After the kittens went on to their furever homes and the webcam stream stopped some of the viewers remained in contact via chatroom and Facebook – we call ourselves the Kitten Club.

As a Seven Kittens viewer, I was so inspired by the whole experience that I wrote a story about Noodles (the mama) and her seven babies.    I shared it with the Kitten Club. 

I received more praise than I ever expected and many emotional replies.  It was gratifying if not a little embarrassing. 

Honestly, I didn’t think the story was that good.  However, I was happy that it was so well received and that fellow Kitten Clubbers (please don’t club the kittens) enjoyed it.

In fact, my KC friends liked my story so much that they presented me the Kitten Club Literary Award – the purple paw.  I was, and still am, humbled to receive such praise from these wonderful, caring people.

The was an official ceremony and everything;  albeit a virtual one.

The following is the nomination and resulting ceremony.   The award was presented by the established Mistress of Ceremonies, the lovely and talented Maisy who is a KC paw award recipient herself for delivering dozens of hand-knit catnip mouses all over the world to KCers and non-KCers, alike.

Maisy: snuffle..... I do believe Cher has won the "literary paw".
Cher: heh
t4fish: totally!
Diane: Yes, YES!! The Literay Paw!
Maisy : Any volunteers to conduct a literary paw ceremony?
Cher: oy
t4fish: Maisy, you do this so well
Maisy P: oy
t4fish: I can’t, I'm all in tears
Maisy P: are they not all getting a bit "samey" when I do them?
t4fish: no, u'r giving each the special touch
Maisy P: wellllllllllllllllllllll​llllllllllllll if you are sure.......
Diane: I'm sure too!!!!!
Maisy P: ahhh here we all are!
Maisy P: ahem ahem
Maisy P: drumrolllllllll
Maisy P: Cher, by the power vested in me as KC master of ceremonies
t4fish: yay!
Maisy P: I hereby award you the very creative KC literary paw award
Diane: *applause*
Diane: Hurrah!!!
t4fish: *applause*
Maisy P: This award has NEVER BEFORE been presented to a KC member (past or resent) and therefore holds special powers
Maisy P: It is awarded to you for your emotion overload inducing Noodles story (sniff) AND also for your Words wit Friends achievements as you have wiped the floor with many a worthy opponent with your literary skills
Maisy P: Enjoy your paw and keep it shiny.
Maisy P: end
t4fish: *applause*
t4fish: Cher! You're the best!
Cher: wow. i am speechless.
t4fish: I can't see through the tears
t4fish: Speech!
Cher: I accept this award humbly and with great feeling. This is the bestest club EVER with the greatest people ever
Maisy P: Nice paw presentation Adi!
Maisy P: well timed
Cher: I will happily continue to mop the floor with y'all in WWF, but modestly so. And I promise to keep my lovely paw shiny.
Cher: I am thrilled and honored to accept this award
Cher: smooches all around!
t4fish: :D mop away!
t4fish: *applause*
Maisy P: *applause*
Cher: great presentation
Cher: I shared with hubby
Maisy P: awwwwwwwww
Cher: he liked YOUR speech but said mine was lame
Cher: I quote, "some literary giant YOU are"  
Maisy P: hehe
Diane: Smack him for me
t4fish: :)) nooooo it was great
t4fish: yeah, what Diane said
Cher: hehe
Cher: I told him. He may not come home tonight.

It was a wonderful ceremony.  It truly made my day!

That was the middle of December.

When I arrived home from work today there was a small package waiting for me.  Imagine my shock and pleasure when I opened it up to find a sparkly, purple paw pin inside!

Fuzzums, my kitty, graciously presented me with the award with all the authority and pawers granted her as a feline and permanent member of the Kitten Club.

Thank you to ALL of my Fellow KCers.  I love you all and I happy to be a  member of the bestest club in the whole wide world!!

The Paw awards come from The Animal Rescue Site, proceeds to provide food and care to rescued animals.

And, the mice Maisy shipped all over the world she purchased from her veterinarian.  The mice are made and donated to the office and the proceeds from the sale of the mice go to support local animal shelters.


  1. That's so awesome! I'm a KC'er and enjoyed your story too.

  2. I was afraid I was going to tear up again, but fortunately, I stayed strong. Wonderful recap, Cher (especially since my dignity was salvaged).

  3. We are a wonderful group of very kind kitty worshipping people, but we don't take our awards lightly. You truely did earn the Purple Paw. Your story was heart rendering and awesome. I'm sorry I missed the live, virtual ceremony, but so glad you reproduced it here for all of us. Thank you, Cher

  4. Well deserved Cher! And this one is another award winning :)

  5. The purple paw is purrfect for you!! I loved your story and it brought back so many happy memories of the seven kittens and mama Noodles and Jen and Kara!!