Friday, January 18, 2013

Firewater Friday - Cherry Infused Bourbon

Cherry Infused Bourbon

Start with ripe, fresh cherries.  Figure a quarter a pound of cherries for an 8-ounce jar.

You will need an airtight container.  Canning jars work well for this.

Pit the cherries, capturing as much of the cherry juice as possible in the jar as you can.

Fill a quarter of the jar with the pitted cherries.  Fill the rest of the jar with your favorite bourbon or whiskey.

Cover the jar tightly with plastic wrap and then a lid - this ensures air tightness.

Leave the container at room temperature for at least a month.  Lightly shake the jar every couple of days.

After a month, taste the bourbon.  If you want more cherry flavor let it sit a week or two more.  

If you like a sweeter flavor, add a small amount of sugar to the liquor.  Figure approximately 1 tablespoon per cup.  Start with less because you can always add more.

Strain your macerated bourbon in to a suitable container or bottle for storage. Use as a mixer for cocktails calling for bourbon or whiskey.  Or serve straight up or on the rocks to fully appreciate the goodness you've created.

Keep the cherries for garnishing cocktails or as a topping for ice cream or simply for your nibbling pleasure.

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