Friday, March 9, 2012

Firewater Friday - No bread. Then bring me some toast!

The other day I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory.   Sheldon, the know-it-all  theoretical physicist, was explaining what a toast was . . . despite how totally obnoxious he is it was interesting so I’ll share.  Hopefully, minus his ever present I'm-smarter-than you, holier-than-thou attitude.  

Toasting hails from ancient Greece . . . it was a time when they drank a lot of wine . . . not necessarily good wine.    It was dark and thick and had to be diluted with water . . . and it was often acrid and sour tasting.

To make the fermented grape juice more palatable, spices were added to improve the flavor and it was topped off with a slice of heat treated bread  . . . tostare  or toast to you non-Latinificiandos . . . to absorb some the acidity and mellow out the wine.

Before they drank they would symbolically make an offering of wine to their gods.   With cup in hand, they would raise up their arms to the heavens and say a prayer . . . a toast.  Afterwards they would drink their libation . . .  

A side note . . . a libation is an alcoholic drink which is offered as a religious ritual.


Rihannsu Starita

3/4 Cup Tequila
1/2 Cup Blue Curacao Liqueur
1 Teaspoon Lime Juice
4 Ounces Orange Juice

Mix the tequila, blue curacao liqueur, orange juice and lime juice in a 2-cup measuring cup, and pour over ice in a salt rimmed margarita glass. 

No bread. Then bring me some toast!

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