Friday, July 8, 2011

Firewater Friday - Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers.

Are you this guy?  Are you even close to being all buff and stuff like this guy?  No?  Then tank tops are NOT for you.

Generally speaking, I hate the way men look in tank tops.  They look sloppy, but it's even worse if they are ripped, torn, stained and nasty looking.  Add to that - Hairy armpits . . . ew!  Beer bellies . . . not attractive.  Man pelt . . . uhm, yuck.

Usually, men who wear them  look like someone you would see drinking and belching and smacking his wife on Cops.

I don't care who you are . . . the whole wife beater look . . . I'm sure it's not working for you . . . even if you are a wife beater.  They are undershirts . . . they're called that for a reason.  Just sayin'.


Dirty Drunken Olive Martini

The olives are soaked in vermouth and marinated for at least a week.  The brine from the olive jar is reserved to make the cocktail.

6 Fluid Ounces Vodka Or Gin
1 4 Drunken Olives
1 Fluid Ounce Brine From Olive Jar

In a mixing glass, combine vodka/gin, brine and olives. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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  1. Wow. I was trying to justify wearing an a-shirt and your one exception to the trash heap looks exactly like me! I'm cute, buff, young and have a good head of hair. I guess I'm special. Seems a shame having their "license" revoked doesn't prevent ugly guys from dressing the same.