Saturday, July 30, 2011

All little girls love ponies . . . especially purple ones!

A few years and a couple motorcycles ago hubby and I were out for a ride with some friends.  We were cruising along behind them enjoying the road and the passing view. All of a sudden a wayward gust of wind managed to get up into his helmet, ironically through the partially open face shield that he had vented to allow for air flow.  That errant poof of air somehow popped one of his contact lenses out, suddenly leaving that eye practically blind and throwing his depth of field totally out of whack.  Hubby pulled off onto the shoulder.  Our friends were ahead of us, but we had no way to let them know we were in trouble so they continued on.  Now, for all intents and purposes, with only one eye that he could see out of we were pretty much stranded.  I didn’t know how to operate a motorcycle and it wasn’t safe for him to ride in that condition.  Miraculously, when he removed his helmet we discovered that his contact had gotten caught up in the lining and he hadn’t actually lost it.  With a quick rinse he was able to pop the lens back in and we were on our way. 

This got me to thinking . . . yeah, it happens sometimes.  What would happen if we were out riding the bike and something happened and I actually had to operate the bike?  I didn’t have any real idea how and that wasn’t a good thing. So, I discussed my thoughts with hubby.  He didn’t think I was serious about wanting actually learn how to ride a motorcycle and he let it go.  I brought it up again and he finally got the hint that it was something I really meant to do.

Hubby has been riding for years and years . . . since he was a kid.  He had loads of experience but he was self taught and he didn’t want to teach me to ride and thus pass on his bad habits to me.   He insisted that I take a motorcycle safety course so I found the closest one to us, which just so happened to be right in our town, and signed up.   Keep in mind that when I decided that I wanted to learn how to ride I had absolutely no intention of getting my own bike, it was merely a precaution against the unlikely possibility that I would need to get help.

In short order, I was in the classroom and passed the written exam with flying colors.  Then onto the practical course where the hands-on learning how to ride would take place.  They had dozens of bikes to choose from.  I decided on a Honda 250 Rebel because it was small and relatively light weight, a decent little bike for a novice rider. 

We started out with the basic function and mechanics of operating a motorcycle.  Soon my butt was in the saddle and I was actually riding . . . and that was it.  It was all over.  I got home from my class giddy and keyed up.  I announced in no uncertain terms that I wanted my own bike.  I was totally in love with riding a motorcycle after only a short amount of scooting around a parking lot. 

I’m not sure if hubby was thrilled or dismayed . . . maybe a little bit of both. 

Irregardless of any misgivings he might have had, after I passed the riding portion of my class and got the motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license he bought me the cutest little motorcycle; an adorable red Yamaha Virago 250 and I was absolutely delighted.

I rode the bike for about a year.  Despite the fact that I absolutely loved the bike, I was starting to think that I probably need to move on to a larger bike.  Baby-V, as I lovingly called her, was awfully fun to ride but she was light weight, short on power and I hated the way I got buffeted around by tractor trailer turbulence when riding on the highway.  It was pretty scary.

One day we were shopping for new riding gloves or some such thing at a motorcycle dealership and I spied the prettiest purple bike in the whole wide world.  I walked by it gaping and drooling . . . I had to have it!  Within a week I had traded in Baby-V and had my self a brand spanking new-to-me Yamaha V-Star 650 motorcycle.    I still kind of regret giving up the Baby because I loved her so much but I do love my purple bike.

It took some time but I bonded with the purple bike and I love riding it . . . hell, I love riding in general; however, I am often conflicted.  I absolutely love riding my own bike; but there’s also something to be said about being on the back of hubby’s bike with my legs straddling his body, my arms around him and just enjoying the ride.   Sounds kind of sexy, huh?  Yeah, it is.  The good thing is that I have the option of doing either and I am a happy, happy girl!


  1. And here I thought it was going to be a story about kimono, my purple pony 