Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A day in the garden - update

Hubby and I went away for a week for a much needed and well deserved vacation.  I was worried about the garden . . . was it getting enough water, would the weeds be taking over, did some beastie ravage the plants?

I was happily surprised . . . mostly.  The tomato plants looked a little wilted and there is A LOT of weeding to do, but overall the garden looks pretty darn good.

The pea plants vines are managing to find their way to the fencing we set up for them to climb.  There's purslane popping up all over, I can't wait for a yummy salad of the greens!  There are developments in the radish and jalapeño plants . . . they are starting to bear fruit!  An unexpected surprise was bean plants popping up miscellaneously all over the garden . . . we didn't plant them but there they are . . . I can't wait to see what kind of beans they turn into because I have no clue.  And, finally, I planted a couple of sunflower plants given to me by the innkeeper of the motel where we stayed (and always stay) on our vacation.

I love to see the progress that can be seen from day to day . . . stay tuned!

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