Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How my garden grows - Coffee. Garden. Coffee. Does a good morning need anything else?

Even at my age I find nature amazing.  I planted seeds for our garden and I’m astounded at how fast they germinate.  Just a few short days from seed to sprout; they take root so fast you can almost see them growing.  It’s pretty cool, even for an old lady like me.

I’ve never started seeds inside.  Last year was my first vegetable garden ever and we bought all the plants ready to go in the garden. 

I’m no expert on the subject, but I know that seeds should be started so that plants have time to establish roots and become hardy enough to go in the ground after the last frost. 

New England is iffy as far as weather is concerned.  We can get frost late into May . . . it’s unlikely but possible.  We decided to plant on Memorial Day weekend just to be on the safe side. 

I started some of the vegetable seeds a couple weeks in advance . . . using the newspaper seed pots that I made in this blog post, I started lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, peas and marigolds.  I will be purchasing some plants from the local garden store, as well.

I’ve kept them inside except on the warmest days and I think it’s so cool how fast they grow.  Except my cucumbers.  I was concerned that since I was using seeds left over from last year that maybe they were no good since they were taking so long to pop.  I was commenting to hubby that I was going to plant some fresh seeds.  

They must have overheard me because the next morning they hadn’t just popped but they were practically busting out of the soil.  Awesomeness!

I made a log of the seeds I started and will update it as they grown and make fruit.  I'll do the same for the plants I buy.

So now, all of my little seedlings . . . I named them all Sprout  . . . are happily growing and almost ready to go in the garden. 

It’s all so exciting!

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