Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG! I’m such a girl

Yes, it’s true; as shocking as it may seem.  And, oy, I own a pink gun.
I own several guns . . . so owning a gun for me, in itself, is not an oddity.  Most are lovely black and stainless or nickel with yummy wood or utilitarian plastic grips.  Nothing in my collection is as shocking as this . . . ugh . . . pink plinker.  In case you don’t know me  . . . pink is totally NOT my thing.

Here’s how this freak of nature occurred.  My husband and I are both very active in a Second Amendment Rights Group . . .

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

. . . called the Connecticut Citizens Defense League. Me, being the events coordinator of said group, organized a raffle to help raise funds for our organization.  The owner of Charter Arms located in Shelton, Connecticut very generously donated the  Pink Lady to our raffle and allowed us a custom serial number . . . CCDL2010 . . . very cool, indeed.
 The drawing for the raffle was this past weekend.  The man who won the Pink Lady didn’t want the gun, so I made a deal with him and now it’s mine. 
I like the gun . . . and it’s almost cool that it’s pink . . . and if I really wanted to I could accesorrize it with adorable pink mother of pearl grips and a smashing pink zebra print holster . . . oh yeah!
 If nothing else it’s a conversation piece and it should be a blast to shoot.

About the Pink Lady 
Charter Arms takes aim at the female market segment with a variation of their popular .38 Special Undercover Lite. The Pink Lady offers the same durability, power and lighter weight as its predecessor, but with a unique and attractive pink finish.
Tough, aircraft-grade aluminum allows the Pink Lady to offer rugged reliability and power, while weighing in at a mere 12 oz.
The concealed double-action hammer utilizes our unique hammer block design and provides snag-free operation. Like all Charter revolvers, the Pink Lady has a three-point cylinder lock.

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