Monday, September 19, 2011

An observation of inconsideration

Unfortunately, like most people, I have to work. So, I was on my way to work the other morning.  And running a little late, as well. Wouldn't you know it I got stuck behind a schoolbus?  Okay . . . whatever.

The bus makes a stop and there's a fairly long line of cars behind it and another line, of course, in front of it.  The little girl who was waiting for said bus is sitting eating her breakfast from a paper plate at the stop.  Instead of getting on the bus . . . with or without the plate of food . . . she sits there and finishes is and in no particular rush, it seemed.  All the while, the the bus is waiting and other people waiting . . . just for her to get on the bus so it can proceed.

For about a half a second it looked like she was done and so I assumed . . . incorrectly . . . that she would finally board the bus.  Then from from my rear view mirror I see a man darting across the road through the waiting line of cars with a cup of juice in his hand.  The little girl . . . you know, the one not getting on the schoolbus? . . . just stood there waiting for him.  Did I mention the lines of cars waiting in front of and in back of the bus?

Anyhoo, the girl took the juice from the man and . . . in no hurry whatsoever . . . finally  gets on the schoolbus.  Five minutes for what should have a second long stop.

I can't imagine who this child could have gotten her . . .uhm . . . manners from.   **Cough**parents**Cough**

The point of this aggravating little anecdote is that it annoys the bejoobies out of that some people have no consideration of other people's time or of other people in general, for that matter.

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