Friday, July 22, 2011

Firewater Friday . . . Nice to know there's still a little poetry left in the world

I have a friend . . . for the purposes of this blog I’ll call him Bobby.  Bobby is a funny guy; quick witted and always good for a good ol’ belly laugh.

Much like myself, he’s a jeans and sneakers kind of person; which is to say, that he doesn’t acquire much along the lines of dress clothes.  So, recently when he was dressing to go to a wedding he pulled a suit from his closet that was somewhat dated but still in good shape . . . and it fit him.  So it worked!

And by dated . . . I mean like Miami Vice.  If you lived under a rock during the show’s six year run allow me to explain.  The main characters of the series, Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, created a fashion trend that was unique and defined the look of the show.  Crockett’s usually wore an Italian sport coat with a pastel T-shirt underneath, white linen pants, and slip-on sockless loafers.  The man also appeared to have a very dull razor because he had perpetual stubble on his overly tanned face.  Tubbs wore a suit, sometimes a tie and also sported less than masculine pastel colors.

Anyhoo, Bobby attended the wedding in Miami Vice style . . . and I’m sure he looked quite fabulous. 

Bobby’s brother-in-law was also at the event . . . I’ll call him Biff.  Biff was a dressed-to-the-nine, Armani suit kind of guy. An Armani suit is known for its slim fit and made with from high quality wool, cashmere, silk, linen, or cotton . . . a low end price tag is about $1500. 

Biff is obviously fussy and fastidious about his appearance and wants to present a certain image.  So, when Bobby spotted a small hole in the jacket, he exercised uncharacteristic restraint and held his tongue so as to not embarrass Biff.

However, when Biff spied Bobby in his spiffy Crockett get-up he commented, “Hey, the 80’s want their jacket back.”

So, Bobby promptly replied, “Hey, the moths want their dinner back.”

Biff started to sputter and cough and asked what the fluff Bobby was talking about.  Bobby pointed out the hole and Biff promptly removed the jacked and ineffectively tried to smooth the threads so that the hole wouldn’t be so obvious.

That oughta learn Biff a lesson. 

So, this one's for Bobby!!

Kahlua And Cream 

2 oz Coffee Liqueur
2 oz Cream

Pour all ingredients into shaker. Fill a Tumbler almost full of ice cubes, and dump ice into shaker. Shake well and strain drink into cocktail glass.

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