Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love on the rocks and rolls

So there he was;  standing at the top of a beautiful bluff with an amazing view.  He was taking in this natural splendor alongside the woman he loved and who he supposed loved him.  After what had happened, he was not so sure.

What she had done had been so unconscionable, so cruel that it defied comprehension. It was unfathomable and yet she had done it to HIM. 

Flashback to a simpler time perhaps 15 minutes earlier . . .

 . . .  they were sightseeing on Whidbey Island in northwest corner of the United States with friends.  The wildlife here was various and plentiful but what he most wanted to see was the majestic American Bald Eagle for he had never encountered one except in pictures. 

As they traversed the countryside his beloved suddenly cried out, “I see one! I see one!”

He looked about excitedly, scanning the skies for the magnificent bird of prey.  No matter where he looked he could not spy the beauteous creature about which she had exclaimed.

“It’s right there!  It’s huge.  How can you not see it??”

“Where is it?  I don’t see?  Do you see it?” he asked excitedly.

“Yes! Yes! We see it too,” his companions confirmed in unison.

Beside himself with anticipation he craned his neck looking, seeking . . .

“Darling,” his sweetheart said, “it is there in front of you.  How can you not see it?”

It was then; as they were passing a roadside establishment that he saw it.  He was immediately deflated although his quarry was not.  There alongside the roadway was an enormous air-filled bald eagle; a mere enticement for passers-by to stop to peruse their wares.

His friends and lover erupted in gales of riotous laughter . . . at his expense.  Oh the agony . . . these people who he loved and trusted had shoved a dagger deep into his soul.  The brutality. . .

He was not amused.  Not even a little.

How ironic that they would soon be travelling through Deception Pass.

Flashforward to a time where things would never be quite the same . . .

. . . the view of the Puget Sound from Ebey bluff was nothing short of spectacular but his mood was narrow and twisting as the trail they were about to traverse.

Dark and evil thoughts clouded his mind.  A mere push and she would roll down the bluff and out of his life forever.

“Isn’t it wonderful”, she whispered in awe.  She turned to him and smothered his face with warm kisses. “Oh, my dearest, thank you ever so much for bringing to this magical place”, she breathed into his ear. “You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever known.”

As he walked behind her along wisp of a trail cut into the bluff, he forgave her her callousness, for it was clear that she truly loved him.  Besides, she was as cute as a button and had a really hot ass.

True story.

Speaking rolls . . .

There is nothing like home baked dinner rolls hot from the oven to add a touch of warm, hominess to any meal. 

You can use any yeast bread recipe to make rolls. I use a recipe from a preview post (click here)

After the dough has risen once, form the dough into small balls – 1 to 2 inches in diameter.  If you want to be exact, use a kitchen scale to weigh each piece of dough.

Dip the rolls in an egg wash (an egg lightly mixed).

Arrange the rolls on a baking sheet. Let rolls rise a second time, until about double in size, and bake at 350 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown.

If you've made the dough ahead of time:

Wrap baking sheet tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate the shaped rolls overnight.
At least an hour before baking, remove from the refrigerator and allow them to rise. Bake as directed.

All of the eggs I used in this recipe were courtesy of my good friends Stephanie and Phil.  
If you live in or near Connecticut and want farm fresh eggs, contact Stephanie for pricing and availability.

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