Saturday, December 18, 2010

Take a Look . . . at Whirley Pop

“The Whirley pop is a popcorn popping thing of beauty.”    


Admittedly, I was somewhat disappointed when I received my Whirley Pop.  It was very light and wasn’t particularly impressive . . . especially with a $20.00 price tag.  Read on . . . Every Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper comes with a 25 year warranty on all moving parts . . . if it breaks, they will fix it or send you a new one. 

Knowing that I am much happier with my purchase.  But what makes me happier still is the performance.  It . . . is . . . awesome!!

I love cold, blustery days curled up on the couch with a warm, snuggly blanket and a big bowl of fresh popped buttery popcorn and a good movie.  I’m not talking about that microwave rubbish . . . that’s good as a standby.  And certainly not air popped popcorn that shrivels to nothing as soon as you pour on the butter.   I’m talking about fresh, warm, crispy stovetop popped popcorn.

And the Whirlypop makes it so easy to make perfect popcorn . . . it’s not even funny.  And, in not much more time than it takes to pop a bag of that microwave junk.

“Featuring four steam vents, the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper keeps steam from building up, ensuring that your popcorn always turns out perfectly popped. Using no more then a teaspoon of oil this ingenious machine can produce a whopping 6 quarts of light and fluffy popcorn that’s fit for any theater. The secret is the patented stirring system that enables maximum kernel popping.

The handle and crank of the Whirley Pop popcorn popper are made out of wood, making it completely safe when using the stirring mechanism which works to prevent it from sticking and thus burning some of the corn kernels, causing an unsightly mess and undesirable results. This allows more kernels to pop and explode in size, up to an amazing 42 times their original size, talk about super sizing. The lid is removable and comes equipped with clips perfect for easy cleaning and strong steel clips help to hold the lid on while the machine is in use.”

As good as it is for popcorn is as good as it is for fresh roasting green coffee beans.  That’s right  . . . your read correctly . . . fresh roasted coffee from a popcorn popper.    

The stirring mechanism keeps the beans moving to keep them from burning and giving a nice even roast to your beans.  It’s truly an impressive thing.

So, the benefits of initial investment for the Whirley Pop popcorn maker is returned to you two-fold.  Holy crow!  I love this thing.  There’s no doubt that I would make this purchase again . . . but since it has a fantastic warranty I probably won’t have to!

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