Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It feels cozy when you have it on

This is a pattern for wine cozies that I've used with success.  It's a quick knit and makes a great gift for the wine lovers in your life.  They will keep white wine cool and red wine warm.  

You'll need a bulky 100% wool yarn.  You can use leftovers from other projects, mix and match colors . . . whatever . . . just have fun and you'll end up with a totally cool (or warm) cozy.

You'll be knitting with big, fat yarn and big, fat needles and your project will look WAY too  big and fat.   That's okay because after you felt it up it  and block it the cozy will fit a wine bottle perfectly.

Wine Cozy

Needles: Size 13 dp, or size to give you proper guage
Gauge: 2.5 sts/in (approximately - not critical!)

With your main color, cast on 8 sts and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist.

First, knit the base:
k 1 round.
*k1, m1, repeat from * to end. 16 sts.
k 1 round.
*k2, m1, repeat from * to end. 24 sts.
k 1 round.
*k3, m1, repeat from * to end. 32 sts.
k 1 round.
*k4, m1, repeat from * to end. 40 sts.
k 1 round.

Now turn the corner:
purl 2 rounds.

Now head up the sides:
knit, knit, knit, changing colors when the mood strikes you. 
Continue until the sides measure about 10.5" from the purl ridge to the top, and bind off.

Weave in ends, and felt! 

Felting (fulling)
Put the cozy in the washer along with a pair of jeans or canvas tennis shoes. Use a small amount of mild detergent (such as: Woolite) and a low water level with a hot temperature. Wash for five minutes. Stop the cycle and check to see if is felted as tightly as desired; 
opening up the inside to keep it from fusing together and pulling it into the approximate shape you need.  Remember, the longer you wash it, the smaller and more felted it will become. If it is not quite felted enough, continue washing and carefully check every few minutes. As you get closer, have a bottle of wine on hand to test the fit.  When felted, remove and rinse in cold water. Blot with towel. 

Once it's wine bottle size, pull it onto a bottle and yank it into shape (a little snug is good - it'll be perfect when done blocking). Leave it until the sides are dry, then remove the bottle and turn the cozy over to let the bottom finish drying.

Pattern and photos by: Lydia McNeil

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