Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bonus feature . . . Kentucky Frilled Chicken

“Some folks say that on a cold night, when the moon is a-howlin’, you can still see her at the old farmhouse table, knitting shrugs for the chickens.”

Chicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist Cuff

Chicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist Cuff
Chicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist CuffChicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist CuffChicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist CuffChicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist Cuff


This isn't a joke. I raise Bantam Chickens (for eggs - they are pets we would never eat them they are free range when they reach adulthood & they feed us with their eggs!) In my spare time I make them little outfits for when they are still babies & still living indoors.
This poncho/human wrist cuff is being modeled by Bantam Chick Lil Dayna. I made it specifically for her. She's so beautiful - even more so than her nine sisters. I'm making ponchos and shrugs for them too.
Anyway, if you have a Bantam Chick and need something for the holidays or if you know someone who raises Bantam Hens this is the perfect gift. Now... as Dayna likes to fly, spread her wings, walk around & partake in other chicken activities this poncho is only for very special occasions - and only with proper supervision. Never leave a chick unsupervised with any clothing or toys. Mostly I think the poncho is best for when the two of you are cuddling, you want to take some sweet pictures, or for a few seconds when company arrives & you want to show her off.

The best part is... When your Bantam Hen is not wearing her poncho YOU CAN!!!!! It is a beautiful crocheted cuff in golden sunset colors with some blues & reds thrown in (I spun the yarn myself). The orange buttons are vintage & really pretty! The yarn has multiple fibers including merino, silk, soy, sari etc...
I'm not crazy, just a jeweler who dabbles in fiber & raises Bantam Chicks.
The fiber for this poncho came from Dayna The Crafty Scientist... her website is
Sold on Oct 23, 2009

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