Monday, September 3, 2012

Gee whiz!

This morning, like most other mornings, I got in the shower to start my morning routine.  It wasn’t until the water hit me that I realized that I had to tinkle.  So there I was soaking wet in the shower having to piddle when I recalled a conversation I had with someone I used to date.

The conversation was about peeing in the shower.  This person . . . if you know me and you have knowledge of my past relationships then you know who I’m talking about. . . . said that it was okay to pee in the shower . . . he did it all the time.   He claimed it was good . . . healthy actually. . . because urine kills foot fungus.

I don’t know if this is true or not but I wasn’t about to let loose in the shower to find out.  Not that I have foot fungus or anything like that.

But thinking about this conversation now made me wonder if the urine/fungus thing was in fact . . . well . . . a fact.

This was what I found out . . .

Urine when it leaves your body is sterile, so it really doesn’t hurt anything; least of all your feet if you were so inclined to do so whilst showering. 

But does it kill foot fungus?  No . . . not really.

While it is true that a component of urine is an ingredient in many anti-fungal preparations.  Urea acts as a skin softener in these ointments and sprays allowing the actual medicine to penetrate the dermal layers to kill the cooties.  It doesn’t actually CURE the itchy, stingy, peely, bumpy, oozy ickiness.

Even if it did, the concentration of urea in your urine isn’t strong enough to do much of anything . . . and if you’re mingling your pee with the water in the shower it will obviously be even further diluted. 

So, it turns out that this ex-boyfriend wasn’t a whiz at much more than . . . well . . . whizzing in the shower.

On a side note . . . this is the same person I caught peeing in water bottles in his living room because he was too lazy to walk to 20 feet to his bathroom.  I also suspect that this same laziness may have inspired him to take a dump in empty pizza boxes as well, but that’s only speculative.  Yeah, there’s a reason . . . or two . . . why he’s my ex and not my current.

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