Monday, December 19, 2011

Spiders really put my "all creatures great and small" creed to the test.

I’m not particular afraid of spiders but I admit that they creep me out.  Spiders have their place in this world and I appreciate very much the job they do.  That being said, they do not . . . I repeat . . . do not belong on my desk at work or, in fact, any place that I might come in actually physical contact with them.

It is my boss’s assigned task to dispose of said creepy crawlers by whatever means necessary whether by shooing them outside or stomping on them.  I don’t care, just make them be gone.

So, several days ago there just so happened to be a spider . . . a rather large spider, indeed. . . that somehow made his way onto my desk.  My boss wasn’t around in my moment of need so I promptly put a cup on top of it until such a time that he could be properly gotten rid of.

Well, that was a Thursday.  The spider was contained under the cup that night, Friday over the weekend . . . as a matter of fact I forgot all about the hair-raising critter until a full week later when I was abruptly reminded of its presence.

You see, I was straightening up my desk and moved the cup that had kept it captive without the slightest thought.  A few minutes later I saw the little creature scurrying across my desk.  I called my boss who duteously came hither to rescue me.  I handed him a paper towel and he went to work.  When he attempted to squish the spider it darted under my keyboard.  My boss cautiously lifted the keyboard.  

He thought he was ready for it but the thing made a mad dash for safety . . . the spider took a flying leap off my desk to the floor . . .  or worse into my bag.  We don’t know where he went but now I was thoroughly cootied up. 

I vowed to keep a sharp eye out for the beast and my boss promised to rush back at the first sign of him. 

Shortly thereafter a co-worker was dropping off some paperwork to me and spotted it.  She promptly smooshed it under her shoe.  Crisis averted and the day was saved.

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