Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It matters not if a tree is green, plastic or aluminum. It only matters that it is decorated with smiles.

Our Christmas tree has the usual decorations . . . the angel topper, the twinkling lights, the shiny glass balls for the cat to knock onto the floor an break.   I have ornaments on my tree that I've had since I was a little girl . . . some that I received as gifts but mostly ones that I made as crafts.  They're special to me and my tree wouldn't be complete without them.

So, for Christmas each year, I like to give my son and husband a  meaningful Christmas ornament as a gift.  It makes putting the ornaments on the tree each year special.  

My son is growing up.  In a few years he'll graduate from high school and be on his own.  I got kind of shniffly this year putting his ornaments on the tree . . . none too soon, he'll be putting up his very own Christmas tree.  

It makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy to know that he'll have some very special decorations to put on his tree.  I hope that they will bring him much joy and evoke happy memories of his childhood Christmases.

Here's to happy holidays now and in the future.

Merry Christmas!

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