Friday, November 11, 2011

Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face.

I hate what the world is coming to . . .

The other day I was grabbing a dose of caffeine from the cafeteria where I work.  The cashier . . . an older gentleman . . . said to me as I handed him my a dollar bill, “just the coffee, honey?”.

As I’m pouring the elixir of alertness he came up to me and apologized, not once by three times.  AND he said he hoped he hadn’t offended me.  For what?  Well, for calling my honey.

I assured him he hadn’t offended me in the slightest.  He told me that someone had said something to him about it the other day who had been offended.  Can you believe that??

For what?  Being polite?  Being sweet?    He’s wasn’t hitting on me, for God’s sake.  He was just being nice.

All this political correctness crap is . . . well . . . crap.

I’m living in a world of hyper-sensitive ninnies!


  1. I know the feeling, I'm unlucky enough to remember how someone insulted me by calling my compliments "controversial" hiding behind a badge. And someone else being a lying sack of @#it using hateful speech,saying deceitul words, do you know that's "sexual" "harassment"? I "feel" "disrespected". Signs of the times calling good evil and evil is good. compliments of the face is good, compliments of bosoms and cleavage the regrettable mistake of mistaking for something other than the truth.

  2. Women today should apologize to men for believing the worst and always intentionally misunderstanding men and their compliments about their asses,breasts,cleavage and legs. Cat-calling which is the wrong word for complimentary whistling at ladies is a compliment. You should apologize for misunderstanding my compliment about your cleavage and bosom. Womens overreaction to breast compliments and compliments about their cleavage is inappropriate and childish as is calling the cops, giving them a script is being a immature ten year old in elementary school who thinks the only solution to the problem is being a tattletale.

  3. Calling compliments "sexual vexation" is a sin against God that humanity should apologize and repent of. Being a lady means if you,dimwit knew what that meant would not have made me a felon because I told you have you lovely breasts and cleavage. Satan is telling alot of women and people to react incorrectly to compliments about their breasts and cleavage, etc. Satan tells the police to react improperly to violate innocent peoples rights to free speech and other rights as well.

  4. America should have learned from the mistakes of the past like what happened in Salem, Massachussetts for example and what happened to Giles Cory and their women and men. What we have today is America "Sexual" "Harassment" Trials. Now America is reliving the mistakes of the past, repeating history needlessly, and I'm sorry Im here to live through this nightmare we created through imagining lies about people and their compliments.

  5. Ellen the Truth TellerFebruary 7, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    We are sorry for imagining you were harassing us with compliments when we know this to be untrue, because we have deceived ourselves into believing lies when in fact all of you were truthful when you said how beautiful our cleavage and breasts are. Will you forgive us for misunderstanding compliments about our bodies? Lucifer beguiled us to mislead us to think you were bothering us which is completely false. Whistling is a compliment.

  6. Political so-called correctness is satanic, they should not be playing politics with compliments. Political correctness should not be an excuse to dictate to men what parts of a lady he can and cannot compliment that is an infringement on his right to free speech. If telling a lady, you have lovely breasts and cleavage is not a transgression against God, not a sin against Jesus, then how did our country become the disgusting place it is today that we think we got the right to play God and act like we got the right to judge people we don't know and make them criminals because they compliment someones breasts,cleavage, what purpose does this misguided thinking really accomplish besides nothing? Complimenting breasts and cleavage should not be treated like it' the "unpardonable" "sin".Looking at compliments in black and white is morally and spiritually wrong.