Friday, November 25, 2011

I choose the places I go to carefully and wisely.

Happy Black Friday . . . I'll be hiding inside while all the wackos shop.

I hate to shop.  I do most - nearly all - of my holiday shopping online and I haven't been into a mall in . . . well I couldn't say the last time I went shopping in a mall but I can tell you it has been MANY, MANY years.  I don't do malls.

Just the very idea of going shopping at a mall is repulsive to me and on Black Friday?  There is no way!  You'd have to drag me kicking and screaming and the suffer the consequences when we got arrested for disorderly conduct in a public place.

Yes, I know there are deals to be had.  But at what cost?  I have no desire to play tug-o-war with some lady with her hair wrapped in curlers and wearing a mumu to save a couple-a-bucks on the latest and greatest toy to give to some child who would rather play with the box it came in and who would have absolutely no appreciation for the suffering I went through just to get it for them.

Stores open at 10 or 11 PM on Thanksgiving day . . . or sometimes at some god awful time of the morning when most sane people would be sleeping off the turkey glut.  And what of the people who camp out in front of the stores days before Thanksgiving and Black Friday just to be first in line to get into the stores.  That I can't even fathom.  People are crazy.

Me?  I'll happily pump a couple extra dollars into the economy and not have to lug around packages.  UPS is my best friend this time of year and I'm sure they hate me.

Happy shopping suckers . . . get me something good while you're out there.

I choose the places I go to carefully and wisely. I'll rarely go to a shopping mall anymore. 

Fran Drescher

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